Seven things to bear in mind before visiting the slums of Nairobi;

Do you visit or plan to visit the slums of Nairobi as a tourist(slum tourism is growing but it is controversial),social worker,donor or just visiting friends?The following are things you should bear in  mind if you have to be in Mathare,Kibera,Kawangware etc;

1)Get yourself a tour guide-Find someone you trust who if possible resides there or has build a relationship with the community.This is important especially if it is your first time to visit the slum. Referrals from friends and relatives should be preferred

2)Make prior arrangement for your car parking-find out from your guide if a safe parking is available for your car.If not make arrangement for a taxi

3)Dress to fit in and not to stand out-Avoid expensive bangles, earrings,watches and handbags.Do not forget to wear appropriate shoes,the slums are either muddy or dusty.

4)Do not carry expensive gadgets like ipads,laptops etc-unless they are very necessary for whatever you are going to do there,do not carry these gadgets.And if you have to carry them,let them not be obviously visible.

5)Be friendly to the people you meet-Smile to your hosts and everybody who is interested in you.

6)Avoid isolated places-Always keep where people are especially those known to you

7)Do not ignore your guide’s advice-Let your guide do his job.Do not do anything that he/she does not approve


Must the Inspector General of the Kenya Police Service be a career policeman/woman because of the word ‘command’ in article 245(2b)?

‘The Inspector-General shall exercise independent command over the National Police Service,and perform any other functions prescribed by national legislation.’This is an article that the Police Spokesman,Eric Kiraithe,has been quoting with an interest in the word ‘command’.He insinuates that the word is an evidence that, legally, a civilian has no chance in running the National Police Service as an Inspector-General.If this is true,then it is unconstitutional for a civilian to be the president of the republic of Kenya.The president is the Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces.He is ,until the Police Commision is in place,the technically highest authority of the police force through the minister of internal security and provincial administration,who is also a civilian.Is the top brass of the police force not in propaganda mode?This raises more questions on their credibility.

Five points to remember before parking your car.

Nairobi is one place where you have to always do things right even when parking your car.Here are five points to remember before parking your car in this city
1.Choose your parking carefully-Avoid isolated and not well-lit parking spaces.
2.Never leave valuables in plain sight- keep anything(phones,money,iPad,laptop etc) that can inspire or attract criminals into your car well out of sight

3.Lock your car-always make sure you have rolled up the windows and armed the doors.Make it a routine.

4.Keep your keys safe-Always have that one place where you always keep your keys(Handbag,a lockable drawer in the office or a hook on the wall in your room).If you are required to leave your key with security at the entrance,make sure they know the type of car(model,color etc),registration number where the car is parked,the time you expect to pick the keys and who else can pick the keys.

5.Invest in alarm system-Make sure your car alarm and security system is functioning properly.Take your car to your service provider for regular check up

It is hypocritical for Al-shabab to accuse KDF of atrocities on civilians

It is absurd for Al-shabab to try to make KDF look the bad guys in the ongoing war in Somalia. They are accusing them of atrocities on civilians while they, Al-shabab, keep throwing grenades at civilians in Kenya in the process killing innocent men,women and children.Do they have any moral authority to accuse KDF of what they,Alshabab, angage in as a matter of policy?Anybody civilised should condemn KDF if and when they commit any crimes on unarmed civilians, but it is hypocritical for Alshabab to post comments in the social media to the effect that KDF is targeting civilians in Somalia.Else they should accept to fight with the standards they are asking of KDF as far as civilians in the two countries are concerned.

Private Security Providers bill is for the good of all

With Nancy Barasa’s saga still on going,there is a lot of focus on the security firms and in particular guards.We may not agree on who is wrong or right between Nancy and Kerubo, but one thing all will agree on is the need for regulation of the private security industry.In this regard,The private security providers bill should be fast tracked.With such a law in place, the caliber,training and qualification of people working as guards will be standardized.This will make guards professional and skilled to complement the police in provision of security to their clients and general public.The law will also protect the guards from being exploited by greedy employers.The passing of the bill into law is for the good of all.