What makes an emotionally intelligent and psychologically effective security personell

There is a lot

English: Private security guard with shotgun, ...

A security guard at work

that goes into making an effective and efficient security personnel.And psychological and emotional well being are some of the most important.

But why psychology and emotion?

Security is a game, like chase, played between the criminals and the security providers,be it intelligence officers, police officers,or even the guards at your premise.This game is won by wit and emotional/psychological outmaneuvering.

With Kenya at war with Alshabab,we are constantly facing terrorist attacks.Most of these attacks target public places where, more often than not, the last line of security defense is that simple security guard.

The question you should ask yourself is, are the guards at your premise,home etc….. up to the task emotionally and psychologically?

Majority of shoppers of guard services put body physique as the most important element of an effective security guard.As I said, above, security game is won by a mind that is full of wit,intelligent,confident and highly self esteemed.

There are simple things you need to do to give your security staff that necessary psychological advantage they need  as they carry out their duties of making your environment secure.Fortunately many of them do not even require more financial input:

1.Let them receive respect-security guards who are constantly humiliated by their seniors ,fellow staff and visitors will not have emotional strength to counter the smart and highly self esteemed criminals who make a try on them.Insist on respect for all as a general policy:they respect staff and visitors and they be respected back.

2.Let them know they are in charge-It is important that the security staff understand the extend of their powers.They also should be made aware of their responsibilities both legal and otherwise.Always give clear and un-contradictory instructions.But still insist on respect for all and courtesy.

3.Proper tools of work-Things like panic buttons,metal detectors etc should be readily provided for.Ill equipped security staff will lack the morale to carry out their duties.If you outsource security work,always ensure your security provider company equips well the guys stationed at your place

4.Insist on neatness-Cleanliness and neatness give one a sense of high self esteem.Explain this and facilitate if necessary.Ensure they have uniforms in good condition and,if possible,more than one pair.

5.Give them a reasonable pay,at least observe the minimum wage rule.Poorly paid guards,especially under what they know is the industry figure,will feel worthless/low self esteem and this will come into the way of their performance.Cheap is expensive,this line applies well in security and security solutions

6.Refresh training-The security environment changes every now and then.New forms security challenges are coming up every day.Due to this fact,it is important your security staff is updated of these new development, in terms of training,on a regular basis and when situations call for.This will add confidence in their performance.

It should always concern you how your security staff are prepared both psychologically and emotionally to protect life and property, as much as skill and knowledge.


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