How the behavior of Kenyans makes it easier for terrorists to carry out attacks.

The Nairobi Assanand blast

On Monday, 28 May 2012, the normalcy and serenity of an afternoon in downtown Nairobi was broken by a huge blast, by local standards, at Assanand building along Moi Avenue. Thirty two people were injured and one life was lost. It was not the first terrorist attack on Nairobi and, unfortunately, it is not going to be the last. The following could be the objectives of the people behind Monday attack:

  • Just unleash terror by killing as many people as possible, on this; they succeeded in killing one and injuring over thirty people.
  • A test run to see how the authorities and our security agents are organized (disorganized), of which the actions of the commissioner of police Mr. Iteere and the government in general communicated a lot when they gave unverified and contradicting facts immediately after the blast. At first linking the blast to an electric fault then changing the story when Kenya power discredited this reasoning.

The security agents and the authorities should up their game in securing scenes of disaster and criminal events. There are rumors that the al-Qaeda has been overheard bragging that their agents remained around after the Assanand blast and passed themselves as journalists and even interviewed the victims.

  • To see how the public react and how they may be herded to a possible disaster through curiosity. The public did not disappoint by crowding around the scene of incident. If you watched the huge crowds at the scene, from the pictures streaming live on most media houses, one thing must have become very clear to you, Kenyans can let their curiosity lead them to their death.

 Picture this; with improved security checks on entrances to most buildings in the city, criminals might find it difficult to sneak in big explosive devices into such building. In order to have the highest impact possible, they can work the other way round, bring huge crowd to their explosive device. Such a device may be kept in a car parked on the street. The terrorists need only to interest and attract Kenyans to the device with a smaller incident before triggering a bigger blast after huge crowds have formed.

Improvised Explosive Device Discovered on Pale...

Improvised Explosive Device

Your security is your responsibilityAll said and done you should realize that your security is your responsibility. In such events you should overcome your curiosity, keep away and wait to see the events through the media. Experiencing such incidents firsthand may be interesting but might turn out to be the last thing you see.


Kenya’s public cluelessness on administration of first aid and general disaster management

Traffic collision Xixiang shenzhen China

Recently, as I walked along James Gichuru road,near Lavington Green shopping center,I spotted a van dangerously parked in the middle of the road with all its blinker lights on. About ten meters behind it, a stop sign was neatly stationed.A head of the car, a small crowd was milling around what i suspected to be another victim of  Saturday/Sunday morning accident curse of James Gichuru road.With drunk drivers speeding from drinking sprees,it is normal to come across accidents on Saturday or Sunday morning along James Gichuru.

At a closer range,i could see that the van belonged to an alarm response crew of one of the security firms.

Then i saw him.He laid on his left side in a zigzag position,the left hand gave his head a pillow support.The right hand stretched across his thigh.A pool of blood formed on the road,just under his legs.His black trousers and navy blue shirt were muddy and bloody.He looked dead to me.

I Gathered from those who were there before me that it was a hit and run.Everyone just stared cluelessly.Unexpectably,he struggled and raised his head, visibly, with a lot of pain too.He looked around with drowsy eyes.He could not hold his head raised for long.He gave up and went back to the sleeping.

Someone wondered aloud how the guy could be helped.Typically Kenyan peculiarity,no one dared touch him.The security guys were back in their van.They seemed to be making some communications with their phones and radio.

‘Cant someone do something’,a woman asked.People made inconsequential movements.Just changing position.Embarassed ones stepping back and new arrivals jostling for a better view of the victim.None was taking control.

Unable to take the guilt any longer,I approached and stooped over him.

‘Where are you hurt’,my voice was shaking.

‘I think my left leg is crashed’,he replied in a faint voice.

‘Do you have a phone with you?’,I bit my lip.It is a wrong question to ask an accident victim.I rephrased my question as I frantically got my phone from my pocket in readiness to help in calling for help,’Have you called anyone like a relative or friend to tell them of your predicament?’

‘Yes.My employer.He sent those guys in the van’.

I could not believe it.I was infuriated.All along I thought these were just good Samaritans who were trying to negotiate with their bosses to allow them get out of their duties to take a victim of road accident to hospital.

I broke the news,of the relationship between the van and the victim, to the now bigger crowd.Everybody was up in arms.

‘How can you just watch your colleague suffering in pain down there.What are you waiting for before taking him to hospital?’ I confronted the guys in the van.The answer that I got left me speechless.

Their argument was that every road accident is a police case and being so, the police had to come and inspect the scene of crime before anything is moved,yes including a seriously injured person.These are the guys who are expected to attend to various emergency situations.They were as ignorant and clueless as anybody else.

After much protests from people present,at last they bundled the injured colleague into the van and sped away.

That is a typical accident scene on Kenyan road.This can be replicated in other emergency situations like fires,bombs blasts etc. Clueless,full of ignorance and inhuman,is how you could describe it.Few acknowledge that every minute in scene of accident defines the difference between life and death.Even when the first to arrive on a scene of accident are aware of the importance of time in saving victims,they are totally unskilled to take any meaningful life saving steps.

Many deaths can be prevented with a more informed and skilled public in matters first aid and disaster control.

First aid and disaster control education should be made a mandatory subject from early childhood education to tertiary institutions.That way a society able and equipped to accidents will be developed.But that will have to go through along rigorous process of consultation,policy formulation,fund sourcing……etc, before it sees light of day.

The late Proffessor Wangari Mathai used the story of the hummingbird to rally people in their individual capacities to do the little they can to change bad situations.Each one of us should decide to be a hummingbird and try to acquire first aid and disaster control skills.Also impart the same to others.We can start by teaching our kids at home how to handle those small injuries and emergency situations.By so doing,we will be building a first aid and disaster control skilled society one person at a time.

Must the Inspector General of the Kenya Police Service be a career policeman/woman because of the word ‘command’ in article 245(2b)?

‘The Inspector-General shall exercise independent command over the National Police Service,and perform any other functions prescribed by national legislation.’This is an article that the Police Spokesman,Eric Kiraithe,has been quoting with an interest in the word ‘command’.He insinuates that the word is an evidence that, legally, a civilian has no chance in running the National Police Service as an Inspector-General.If this is true,then it is unconstitutional for a civilian to be the president of the republic of Kenya.The president is the Commander-in-Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces.He is ,until the Police Commision is in place,the technically highest authority of the police force through the minister of internal security and provincial administration,who is also a civilian.Is the top brass of the police force not in propaganda mode?This raises more questions on their credibility.

It is hypocritical for Al-shabab to accuse KDF of atrocities on civilians

It is absurd for Al-shabab to try to make KDF look the bad guys in the ongoing war in Somalia. They are accusing them of atrocities on civilians while they, Al-shabab, keep throwing grenades at civilians in Kenya in the process killing innocent men,women and children.Do they have any moral authority to accuse KDF of what they,Alshabab, angage in as a matter of policy?Anybody civilised should condemn KDF if and when they commit any crimes on unarmed civilians, but it is hypocritical for Alshabab to post comments in the social media to the effect that KDF is targeting civilians in Somalia.Else they should accept to fight with the standards they are asking of KDF as far as civilians in the two countries are concerned.