Is exposure to sun rays put nasal allergy/sinusitis under control?

Monster Allergy

Monster Allergy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not remember when exactly it started,but I place my estimate time about the year 2006.It was not something serious to call for my worry at the begining.It was just common cold to me.

As time went by, its occurrence became more frequent  and each bout was more uncomfortable than the preceding one.Sneezing was its main manifestation at its early stage.Later other symptoms,like nasal blockages and occasional migraines, came up.

When these symptoms,especially nasal blockages became unbearable,I was forced to seek medical advice from an expert.After examination,the doctor attached a name to my condition, sinusitis.It was my first time to come across that word.

The worst part of the doctors report was yet to come.He informed me that, since my condition was as a result of an allergy,I was to  take allergy suppressant any time I felt under an attack and I was to take the medication for the rest of my life or until  I knew the source of my allergy and kept away from it.

I started my medication and my condition really improved.

About the end of 2011 a friend of mine,after learning of my condition,asked me whether I ever spend sometime in the sun.It struck me there and then that I could not remember the last time I was out in the sun.My life schedule had no room for time in the sun.I worked night shift and spend all daytime indoors sleeping,watching TV or in front of a computer.

Thinking of it,it occurred to me that my condition started around the time I started this lifestyle.The next day I started spending sometime in the sun.Since then, I bask in the sun daily,for at least thirty minutes.I stopped taking my anti allergy medication, but I rarely sneeze nor experience any nasal blockages.

It is scientifically proven that the sun is an important source of nutrients for good human health.But the exposure should be in moderation especially for people who are not of colour.Over exposure to the sun rays has been linked to skin cancer