How to get the best out of security dogs

Breeds like this Doberman were specifically br...

Breeds like this Doberman were specifically bred for guard duty.

Regardless of the advanced technological innovation in the field of private security- that has seen all types of security solutions come into use-the dog still remains,may be even far into the future, at the top of the list of security solutions available. Probably it is better to say that the dog is man’s oldest friend and  his  consistent source of security.

There is nothing that puts off burglars and robbers than a dog.Burglary/robbery is risk taking and like in business, those who undertake it will weigh the cost and the returns.A dog happens to be a cost raiser.

Not all dogs are security dogs but by and large,all of them can play a security role in a home.More often than not, what makes a dog a security dog is not its breed but  the training it gets.

There are two main security tasks a dog will do at home that will inform your choice of breed and training;

  • being a watch dog(raising alarm over intrusion by barking) and
  • a guard dog(able to attack and restrain intruders).

For a watch dog,the size of the dog does not matter, but guard dog need to be of a bigger size and better trained.

There are two ways of acquiring a security dog into your home for security,each with advantages and disadvantages.You can outsource the service from private security firms.In this arrangement,you do not have to worry about daily care for the dog, like food,veterinary care,exercise etc.But this comes at a very high monthly financial cost.Further more, you do not develop loyalty and friendship with the dog.The dog will always take you and members of your family as adversaries and that makes it a danger to you and your family within your home.

On the other hand, you can acquire your own dog and integrate it into your family.In this arrangement, all the day to day care of the dog will be your responsibility.This is not cheap neither but you have more to gain,all the dog’s friendship and loyalty will be to you and members of your household.

In order for you to get the best from your security dog,you should do the following:

1)Observe legal requirements.

Ensure you have proper paperwork before,during and after acquiring the dog.Different cities in/and different countries have varying laws and by laws guiding ownership of pets.Find out from your local authority what is required of you to be an owner of a dog.

2) Ensure your home is habitable to a dog

Bear in mind the safety of the dog and that of your neighbors.You do not want to start attracting law suits.An ideal home for a security dog is a stand alone and well fenced (Not flats,unless there is agreement by all residents). Buy a good kennel,dog blankets and utensils

3)Buy from licensed dog dealers.

This will assure you of standards and in case of unforeseen complications,you will have a legal entity to deal with.

4)Adjust your financial budget to include the daily care for the dog.

Many Kenyans will get a dog easily but will fail to put their needs(dogs’) within their budgets.A dog into your home is a new family member,make appropriate adjustments.

5)Create a relationship with your dog.

Play with them in the backyard,walk them,it is not only good for the dog’s health, but your own too(The exercise is helpful to both ends of the leash). Give them  good names (Do not forget to tag them, in case they get lost) and talk to them,you will be surprised how dogs understand human language.

I know you might say,’But I am not a dog type’. Just open your heart and give a dog a chance and I am sure of one thing, you will not regret.